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Podcast Equipment Bundle for 2, tenlamp G4Pro USB Audio Interface with Mixer and Sound Board, Two Wireless Microphone, Studio All-in-one XLR Podcast Kit for Phone PC Live Streaming Podcast Recording

Podcast Equipment Bundle for 2, tenlamp G4Pro USB Audio Interface with Mixer and Sound Board, Two Wireless Microphone, Studio All-in-one XLR Podcast Kit for Phone PC Live Streaming Podcast Recording

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  • Podcast Equipment Bundle for 2: The G4Pro sound mixer bundle is capable to establish a semi-wireless production way for home content creations, get rid of moving limit indoor and reduce chaos on the desktop. The podcast kit also include 2 high-quality UHF dynamic microphone, easy to get clear, clean and natural audio from the moment you plug in your mic, ideal for home studios live streaming, podcast production, voice-over, and more.
  • Intuitive Visualized Control: Full Color 8.9 inch displayscreen with scale & number elements, shows which audio resources or gear you are controlling at a glance. Right at the tip of your fingers, intuitive hands-on control your audio, set your favorite voice FX, get the perfect mix.
  • Create High-quality Audio: This compact sound blaster adopt dual DSP audio chipset design, equips with a high-quality mic preamps and +48V phantom power, ensures professional sound quality and ultra-low noise. In addition, you can filter background noise to clean your audio via DENOISE button.
  • Save Your Voice Modes: G4Pro soundboard mixer can save your various customized voice modes up to 20 modes. It can save your voice settings about mic EQ, reverb, pitch, timbre, voice changing, etc, satisfy your diversified sound scenes need. You just need customizing voice setup, then save, and then switch to it, and you live stream or podcast with it, no need to set again.
  • Bring The Studio Home: Use vocal effects including: Mic EQ, Reverb, Voice Changer, Timbre, Pitch, 12 step E-tune, to mix your audio in real time, optimize vocals, change your voice, make your voice more rich and colorful, make your audio more professional and entertainment.
  • Easy To Live Stream: Use USB-C OTG digital port to connect your computer, smartphone or tablet, LIVE1~2 port to connect your smartphone or other devices for streaming, podcasting and recording; Input external accompaniment from a smartphone, PC or other devices via MUSIC port; Real-time monitoring all audio via MON or SPK port; Connect your guitar/bass or other instruments via INST port.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works well on PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and more, plug and play, no need drivers. Support XLR, ¼, ⅛, etc microphone input, NOTE: USB microphones are not supported.
  • Podcast Kit Including: 1* G4Pro Audio Console, 2* UHF Wireless Microphone, 1* Receiver, 1* 3.5mm TRS Monitoring Headphone, 1* Remote Controller, 2* Mic Tripods with Clip, 2* USB A-C Charging & Data Cable, 1* USB-C to USB-C Cable, 3* 3.5mm TRRS Audio Cable, 1* User Manual. For a better user experience, read the user manual in detail before setting up. E-edition user guide is below the link.

Product Description

G4Pro Podcast Equipment Bundle

podcast equipment bundle,voice changer,dj mixerpodcast equipment bundle,voice changer,dj mixer

Shape Your Sound

Elaborately sculpture your own unique sound with dual high quality DSP audio chipset processing, premium microphone preamp, highly-optimized circuit board and a suite of vocals effects including reverb, EQ, pitch, timbre. G4Pro is one-stop workstation that allows for the onboard mixing of sound sources without complicated settings, provides all audio-related operation and workflow needed for live streaming, podcast production, radio shows, voice over and other content creations.

Clean Sound Quality

This package kit equips with two premium UHF wireless dynamic microphones, capable of capturing cxceptionally clean and natural reproduction of vocals, delivers originally detail voice without much additional noise processing. You can use them to record warm, natural, ultra-clear sound for your any content creation.

Start Your Own Creating

The podcast kit includes sound mixer, microphones, and other gear accessories, lets you start podcasting or live streaming easily. Start recording when you insert cables into the smartphone or PC.

dj sound board,dj sound board,

microphone mixer,dj mixers,microphone mixer,dj mixers,
W11 UHF Wireless Dynamic Microphone

Featured with durability and adaptability, will not distort the audio from vocal, video or music recording, to keep its originality. Delivers original detail vocals without much additional noise processing

  • Clean natura sound quality
  • Classic cardioid pattern polar
  • Close-miking pickup vocals
  • 1500mAh large capacity rechargeable battery, long time working

tenlamp G4Pro Audio Console

One-stop Online Workstation for podcast creation, live streaming, event production, or voice over

Multi-channel mixer for real-time audio mixing for all your audio sources

8.9 inch large RGB screen with LCD scribble strips give you visualized control

Dual DSP audio process chipset for super-fast audio processing & transmission

Storage function, save your customized voice modes up 20, no settings again

Support USB digital connect, multi-people input and multi-device output simultaneously

A suite vocal effects for making your voice sound amazing and interesting

computer recording equipment,computer recording equipment,

beat maker machine,beat maker machine,

audio interfaceaudio interface

Up to 8H working time

Satisfy your use for more occasions; 48V mic about 4~5 hours, 6.35mm or 3.5mm mic about 7~8 hours

Wide compatibility

You can podcast or live stream with your computer or smartphone, on YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and more.

BT input accompaniment music

Very convenient, reduce the confusion of the desktop

dj sound boarddj sound board

sound board pc gamingsound board pc gaming

podcast equipment,rodecaster pro 2podcast equipment,rodecaster pro 2

Recording more clean audio

The audio processing is cleaner and faster, and the transmission is more stable.

Record a clearer sound

Filter different surroundings noise to clean your audio, make your podcast or streaming audio more clear

Use any of your favorite microphone

Support multi microphone input simultaneously, enjoy your podcast and live streaming with your friends.

mezcladora de musica djmezcladora de musica dj

usb audio mixer,usb interfaceusb audio mixer,usb interface

home studio recording packagehome studio recording package

Fine-tune accompaniment music vocals

Raise or lower the vocals pitch of accompaniment music, make your accompaniment more interesting. NOTE: This function only for music inputted via BT or MUSIC port

Change your voice for more entertainment

Interesting tuning, change your pitch or timbre, and create your own funny audio for more interesting entertainment.

Easy to sing, or cover song

Remove 90% vocals in accompaniment music, turn it like a pure background music. NOTE: This function only for music inputted via BT or MUSIC port.

Warm tips

karaoke equipment,midi sound module,streaming setupkaraoke equipment,midi sound module,streaming setup


G4Pro mixer works well on PC or smartphones, however, due to the constantly upgrading of systems, we can’t make sure 100% compatible Windows, macOS, iOS and Android systems. If the USB digital connection doesn’t work, please use the 3.5mm TRRS cable to connect your device.

if your phone doesn't have 3.5,mm audio port, please use Lightning to 3.5mm adapter(not included). It is recommended to purchase Lightning to 3.5mm adapters from manufacturers.

USB-C OTG port might not support connecting to iPhone smartphone via USB-C to Lightning cable.

Sound Quality

G4Pro Soundcard is a portable USB sound mixer, designed for live streaming or online podcast production, the sound quality of G4Pro might not be as good as a professional mixer.

Suddenly There Is A Lot Of Continuous Noise

When the mixer has low power or is about to run out of power, it will make a lot of noise; the power is continuing to decrease, the noise will be more and more loud. Please charge it as soon as possible.


48V microphone need turn on the power supply of 48V phantom power on the mixer.

If have any questions, please leave us a message.

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